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What is Management Information Systems?
Management Information Systems is a field that processes business and information issues together. Nowadays, innovations in the field of information technology have contributed to the business science and more efficient and productive decision making processes have occurred. In addition, the management of information systems has become a management subject in itself. The issues that concern Management Information Systems have emerged through the interaction and integration of these two fields. Given that management and information cover almost every aspect of life, it will be seen that management information systems find a wide range of applications.
What is the purpose of undergraduate education?
Management Information Systems The aim of this course is to educate students who have the business knowledge to manage these systems and to develop knowledge systems in aimed enterprises.
What are the lessons and topics?
In the first two years of the program, the basic courses that constitute the substructure of management and information disciplines are given. In other words, there is a training that balances basic business subjects such as organization, economy, marketing, accounting, finance with the information topics such as system design, databases and data communication, programming. In the third and fourth grades, integration courses are taught which deal with both disciplines. Decision support systems, enterprise information systems, management of information systems, etc., and many of the drop-down elective courses can be given as an example.
Who should choose the department?
The most important issue for candidates who will prefer the department should pay attention to both computer science and business issues. The ability to think extensively, analytical thinking and synthesis, the predisposition to positive sciences is a good management skill that should be in information.
In which universities in Turkey and there are few basis points?
In 2009, Management Information Systems department started education and training life in Bartın University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. By the year of 2017, Teaching 60`s students will be taken.
How is the transportation to Bartın?
The province of Bartın in Western Black Sea Region is 3.5 hours away from Ankara and 6 hours away from Istanbul.
What are the Dorm Facilities in Bartın?
Bartın University has residences connected to Yurtkur. There are also private dormitories serving students in and around the city center.

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